Atletico FC takes on Rovers FC taking home the 3 points with a 3-0 final scored

by Alex Flores

Davenport Fl,

Atletico and Rovers have played several games in the last few seasons and a very unique rivalry has developed between both teams.

Rovers have always been a very competitive team says assistant Coach Juan Gomez from Atletico and every game we play them is a healthy but unique rivalry.

Atletico had a very good game last night opening the score at minute 12th after a nice and precise cross from right winger Francisco Lucena who ended up connecting with an spectacular header from Alberto Ortiz into the net. 

Alberto Ortiz was not yet done for the night, and on minute 37th  after an nice pass from Rodolfo Lopes, Ortiz dribbled two Rovers opponents and taking a rocket of a shot to Rovers goalkeeper left corner leaving him with no chance to save it.

at a 2-0 lead at half time Atletico came out with a high press from the get go on the second half of the game, forcing rovers to sit on their half of the field where Atletico took advantage and on minute 50th after a beautiful pass from (Captain) Rodolfo Lopes from a corner kick connected for an amazing header from central defender Luis Carreno who end it on the back of the net. ending the night with a 3-0 final score.

Goalkeeper Jorge Ortiz had no shots on goal for the night, this will be Ortiz second straight game keeping his team with no goals allowed.  

Overall the team had a great night, our back line is solid and that allows the offensive line to be at more freedom to create opportunity in the front. our midfielders create great balanced for our team and provide the experience and quality that permits us to be fluid with our ball movement. said Atleticos Head coach Alex Flores.

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